Goah strongly believes that street children will be greatly influenced if they give them the love, care and environment to achieve excellence. If we raise these children with high standards and expectations, they become the top segment of the same society from which they come. The specific goals of Goah are:

Provide immediate needs for underprivileged street children such as food, clothing, shelter, education, personal care and health care to create the foundation for a better future.

Improving the quality of life of orphans and vulnerable children by training them to be self-sufficient so that they receive the tools to perform well.

Involving children and adolescents in the community's part-time work in terms of environmental protection.

Caring for community carers and volunteers through coaching practice to provide appropriate care, love and support to children.

Empowering children and their caregivers through income generating opportunities.

Raising awareness among the community and the outside world of the need to protect and support vulnerable children.