Association for promoting Ethiopian street children

What is Goah?

Goah was founded in Vienna in June 2017 and supports socially disadvantaged street children in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

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How is Goah actually pronounced?

Goah means 'Sunrise' in Amharic (Ethiopian National Language) and und is spelled [ɡɔx] in phonetics
- similar to the last name of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh

What is our goal? (Vision)

In Ethiopia, 44% of the population is under 14, 65% are under 25 years old.

A child should grow up in a family environment with love, guidance and understanding. However, especially children are the most vulnerable people in Ethiopia and grow up homeless, impoverished and without care or education.

This is where the Goah Sunrise Project comes into play:

We believe that together we can positively influence the fate of these children. Together, we can provide these children with education and development with increased standards and expectations.

How do we want to achieve our goals? (Mission)

Together with your help, we want to mobilize resources to address the challenges of orphaned street children and realize their full potential through education programs and autonomy.

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Strategies of the project


How does the association plan to improve the lives of street children? Find out what strategies Goah uses to achieve its goals.

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How can you help?

Anyone can help and with every donation you bring street children in Ethiopia closer to a better standard of living. As always with Goah: the children receive 100%!

Just choose the package that suites you the best:

Donate by buying a Goah-Sunrise T-Shirt

T-Shirt "Goah"

A T-Shirt is always a good choice. Spread good vibes in everyday life.
Colors: Blue (additional colors upon request)
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Price: 30 €

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Traditional ethiopian dress

Traditional, Ethiopian Dress

The traditional dresses from Ethiopia reflect in their bright colors the life energy of Ethiopia.
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Price: 70 €

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Support the project through buying small gifts

Various colorful Things

NIn addition to traditional Ethiopian clothing, there are also colorful, traditional Ethiopian baskets, tablecloths and more available.

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Sunrise Packages support a child for one entire year

Sunrise Package

With the Sunrise Package, you can give an Ethiopian street kid a memorable sunrise every day for a year. Become godfather/godmother of a street child.
Price: With 700 €, you can support one child for a whole year

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Support through financial donations

Financial Support

You don't like any of the other packages and just want the children to receive money? Donate as much as you like, every cent makes an impact.

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Photogallery of the 1-Year-Anniversary of Goah-Sunrise Assocation

Finally the photos of the successful 1-year assocation-celebration are online.

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